Advantages of Air Freight Forwarding

Lufthansa Cargo Plane at Airport

It is the real fact that logistics & supply chain is the backbone of industrial and financial growth of any country and world. Different transport modes are the part of logistics & supply chain. Freight forwarders, shippers and transporters are using different modes and many times multi-modes of transport. About multimodal transport which is main ways of cargo movement in these days will be discussed in other posts. I will write a seperate post about it again in our comming posts. 

In this post we will discuss about the advantages of air transport mode for movement of cargos. We know that ait freight forwarding is fastest and modern mode but it is more expensive than shipping mode of transport. But some of very important advantages of air mode of movement of freight and cargos are as listed below. 

  • Inventory costs are low in this mode.
  • Important part is that breakage is negligible.
  • The loss due to rough handling and pilferage is reduced to the minimum.
  • Packaging costs are also very low.
  • The main point of this mode that product can reach market in time when they need.
  • Administration costs are also low.
So, air transport is not only better mode of transport for perishable commodities but also for the product which involve high value and low volume. 
Some products which are mainly exported through are are cut and polished diamonds, gems and jewellery, garments, finished leather, fruits, processed food items and many other commodities which have to reach market on time with very less or without any damages.
It we can can not say that other modes of transport are not secure for products. In today's business world all modes of transport are managed well and highly secured for products. But air mode of transport is fastest which allow products to reach the market overnight or just in 24 hours. This is the main advantage of air mode of transport for commodities and cargo. 


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