Business Consultancy Services For Logistics & Supply Chain

Ajit Kumar Mishra, CMILT is an expert of logistics & supply chain. With his consultancy he provide business solution services to his local and global clients. Mr. Mishra provides services of supply chain analysis, logistics intelligence, lean logistics consultation, Network design and many more. To know more about any related consultancy services you can book an appointment with us. 

Our Consultancy services for business solution in logistics & supply chain is highly trusted. We are aware that the requirements vary according to the specific industry sector and have the expertise and experience within the team to accommodate the unique requirements of each, whether it is Food, Manufacturing, Retail, Automotive, or Utilities. Our consultancy will ensure an efficient Logistics strategy can be developed and implemented. We are expert to remove waste from logistics activities and process. Our consultancy services will help you minimise the cost of logistics with better way to logistics solutions with the help of comprehensive network designing.

We have wide experience for analysis of supply chain. Our Supply Chain Analysis will provide you a clear conception about the supply chain for your industries. Our analysis process will easily identify the dark point in supply chain management for your company, firm and industries. 

The cutting edge of innovation in shipment of products is Supply Chain Solutions often in response to market changes or changes in your business plans. You can save cost and time by analysing and restructuring your processes for transport, delivery and warehousing of your products.

To combine a systematic and evidence-based methodology with close attention to the specific requirements of your business to produce recommendations that are fully costed, robust and actionable. As a professional logistics consultants we are experienced and knowledgeable of delivering network strategy projects across India and worldwide. 

Liaising is our other highly important consultancy field for solution of your logistics business. We have many logistics supporters providers in contact with many warehousing and other service providers. we have a team of software developer fo logistics & supply chain. You can take our liaising services for establishment and development of your logistics & supply chain business.  

Important Consultancy Services

Below are the lists of some important services by us. For any business consultancy services you can make contact with us by the given contact form below to this web page or click on the contact menu to see other contact details. You are always welcome to book an appointment with us by the given book appointment link on the sidebar or below.

Our important consultancy topics are listed below. 

  • Supply Chain Analysis
  • Logistics Design 
  • Lean Logistics Consultancy
  • Network Design
  • Liaising
  • Growth and Speed
  • Material Handling
  • Traffic & Inventory Analysis
  • Transport Route Scheduling
  • System Integration
  • Project Management
  • Ways to Business Expansions

Many other online and offline services are provided by us for Business Solution in Logistics & Supply Chain.

For more our Business Solution Consultancy Services mail me to admin@joinstudy.net or contact me by the any contact details given in the Contact Page of this site.

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