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Careers in Logistics, Supply Chain and Transport are versatile and attract our youths. Carriers in Logistics are also challenging and enthusiastic. You have to face challenges on each step of your career and solve all the problems and obstacles of your working field. For a successful career in logistics you have to be a skillful person and also you have to update your skills from time to time. skillful and qualified person get any job easily or skilled people can work as a successful independent professional.

Careers in Logistics and Supply Chain are divided in two major parts.

  1. Doing Jobs
  2. Become an Independent Professionals

Doing Jobs:-

Most of the students and exports of logistics & supply chain are always searching jobs. Either they are trying to get a job in the government sectors or in any private sector. In the government sector you can get jobs in Railways, Port Trust, ICDs, Government Airways, etc. You can hold any level of posts in your government sector jobs in these three levels. The level of your work profile and jobs depend upon your education and experiences. 

  1. Junior Level
  2. Middle Level
  3. High Level

To get jobs in the field of logistics and transport in govt sectors you have to be an expert of logistics or holding a degree/diploma in logistics & transport.

In the private sector many companies are providing logistics, transport and supply chain services to industries and individuals. 

There are lots of multinational shipping, aviation and logistics companies working globally. These companies provide services in different nations and also recruit people from different nations. These companies are providing high paying jobs and recruiting top professionals and skilled people. 

As you know at present lots of portals are available for online purchase and business. People are ordering products online to buy. The online purchased products reach the people by proper supply chain. Supply chain companies are also recruiting staff and skilled people in logistics and supply chain. These supply chain companies are recruiting people from purchasers local areas. So they also help to empower youths of local villages, suburbs and also big cities. These supply chain and logistics companies are playing a better role in growing the employment of any country. These companies are providing employment to less educated people as well as they also need higher educated and skilled people for their top management posts. 

Nowadays many firms are providing services in the field of warehousing. Skilled people in the field of warehousing and inventory are getting jobs in these companies. People who are trying to get a job in the field of warehousing as a warehouse manager or supervisor are most skilled in warehousing, inventory with a knowledge of SAP technology related with warehousing. Warehousing also provides employment for local labour. These local labour are found in large numbers in Asia, Africa and South America. Those local laborers are less educated and seeking money for maintaining their life and family.

Local labourers are also engaged in transport sectors for their employment purpose. Many firms are providing transport services. Private firms are not only engaged in road transport but many private companies and firms are providing shipping, aviation, inland waterways and rail transport also. These transport companies are like a hub of employment. Road transport and inland waterways provide jobs for local less skilled people also. These companies are based on a local basis so they need more and more local laborers for rough working. But aviation, shipping companies and railway companies are always in the need of skilled labour and highly educated skilled managers. So you can say that the transport companies of any sector provide high job opportunities for our skilled youths and also to non skilled people.

Transport, logistics and supply chain skills are not only important for service sectors of logistics & supply chain but it is also important for manufacturing sectors. Manufacturing industries have also maintained their own factory supply chain and inbound/outbound logistics etc. To maintain these activities industries need more qualified and skilled people for their industries. 

As you know that the logistics & supply chain is the backbone of the economy and industries, so logistics experts are in high demand for their skills in the industries. Manufacturing industries and service sectors are always in the need of logistics experts and providing better salaries and career growth for them.

Become an Independent Professionals:-  

Many logistics and supply chain experts are not willing to join or continue any job. They are thinking of working as an expert or an independent professional. Logistics and supply chain experts either establish their consultancy or work like a freelance professional of logistics & supply chain. In their consultancy or freelance services they mainly provide the following services.

  • Network Design
  • Lean Logistics Consultancy
  • Supply Chain Analysis
  • Logistics Design
  • Liaising
  • Traffic and Inventory Analysis
  • Transport Route Scheduling
  • System Integration
  • Project Management
  • Ways to Business Expansion, etc. 

Logistics & supply chain consultants are earning a very high amount then those people who are doing jobs in the government or private sectors. But to be a consultant you have to be an expert of logistics and also have enough knowledge about the working culture of different sectors and companies. Many experts are working as consultants and earning enough prestige and honour. 

Many logistics experts are dedicated themselves for skill development of logistics professionals and newcomers in the field of logistics & supply chain. They provide skill development programmes and training programmes in logistics & supply chain.At present logistics sectors attracting our youth and professionals. There is much career growth in logistics so our youth are trying to get any job in the sectors as per their qualifications. But logistics and supply chain sectors are always updating themselves as per the need of industries and also as per present 4th generation industrial revolution era. So for getting any job in logistics and supply chain sectors job seekers have to be always up to date in their knowledge and skills. Many logistics experts are providing online and offline skill development courses and training programmes for those job seekers and also for corporate workers. These short term courses are making a better chance to get a job in the field of logistics & supply chain. So many logistics experts are working as a trainer or educator of logistics & supply chain.

If you want to become an entrepreneur and have enough resources and money to invest, then you can start any road transport company or any inland waterways company for local transport solutions. You can grow your company gradually from local level to national level and then international level also. Many entrepreneurs are providing warehousing services and cold warehousing chains for agro products near the rural areas. They are not only entrepreneurs but they also provide employment and take part in the growth of the local economy. 

Finally we can say that transport, logistics and supply chain sectors are providing great career growth for prestige, honour and also provide great chances of high earnings. 

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