Ajit Kumar Mishra, CMILT provides online skill development courses and training classes of logistics & supply chain. Join Study is the best online platform to do these online courses and training classes.

Join Study has two versions of training classes. one is complete skill development course and other is training classes by the topics of logistics & supply chain. Both system of training are best and you have to chose the ways of training classes as per your need. 

Our high quality online courses with world class virtual classroom and great learning platform of cloud based system are enriched with high quality knowledge base helps you to manage your study time. These courses and classes are designed by top chartered professionals and always updated.

Online skill Development Course

  • Basics Of Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Freight Forwarding & Containerization
  • Documentation & Incoterms
  • Cargo Handling and Insurance
  • Network Design, Warehousing & Inventory
  • Ports, Dry Ports, Airports & ICDs
  • IT & Commercial Aspects of Logistics
  • Models of Forecasting & Analysis Process
  • Entrepreneurship and Self Employment

Course Duration:- 12 Weeks

Course Fees:-
  • For students outside from India:- $300/-
  • For students in India:- INR 10,000/-

Students of India have to pay the fees in INR and students outside from India have to pay the fees in US Dollar. 

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Training Classes

Some Important Topic Of Educational & Training Classes:-
  • Process & Strategies of Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • Warehousing & Inventory
  • Multimodal & Unimodal Transport
  • Procurement
  • Lean Logistics
  • Types of Logistics
  • Containerization & Material Handling
  • Ports, Dry Ports & Shipping
  • Export & Import Process
  • MTO & Freight Forwarder
  • INCO terms & Global Rules- Regulations
  • Distribution Channels
  • Logistics Economics
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Operation etc.
All topics of Logistics, Supply Chain & Transport are open for study and discussion in this classroom.

Course Duration:- 05 hours online training session for each topic.

Course Fees For Each Topic For Given Training Hours:-
  • For students outside from India:- $30/-
  • For students in India:- INR 1,500/-

Students of India have to pay the fees in INR and students outside from India have to pay the fees in US Dollar.

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Process of Study in the Online Classroom

You have to finish the course within the given course duration. All study materials, assignments, teaching videos and pdf files are already uploaded in the classroom and you will be able to access it anytime and anywhere. You can access the course as per your free time. You have also joined live virtual classes as per given schedule.


There is no refund or adjustment of course fees with other courses in any condition. Your login details will be provided to you after properly receiving the course fees. Your login details will work only till course period after course period your login details will expire and you will no longer access the course. You have to pay course fees in advance. It is your responsibility to join the live session classroom. There will not be any recovery session or re-session for the live classroom. Students are responsible for their internet speed, connectivity and system. 

Important for Corporate Training:-
Companies and firms are welcome to schedule a training program of their staff  and managers with us. Authorities have to make a contact with us on my email address admin@joinstudy.net or they can contact with me on any of the given contact details on the contact page of this website. Authorities are always welcome to schedule an online meeting with me by Book Appointment link.
After a discussion on meeting and finalize the everything about training of staff and managers we will continue and schedule training session.