Importance And Scope Of Modern Logistics Infrastructures

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As we know that Logistics is the backbone of the economy and industries. without Logistics products and commodities can not reach its end users. But reaching the products, services and commodities to end users is not only logistics but reaching within proper time limit and good condition with forwarded information to its end users and originator of product and services is the proper Logistics. 
So you can define Logistics as the process of planning, implementing and controlling the efficient, cost effective flow and storage of raw materials, in process inventory, finished goods related information from point of origin to point of consumption for the purpose of confirming to customer requirements.
Logistics can also be defined as the design and operation of the physical, managerial and informational system needed to allow goods to overcome time and space from the producer to consumer.
Finally we can say that the term logistics includes transportation along with production planning, distribution network design, location of plants and warehouses, inventory management, packaging, material handling, containerization, multi-modal mode of transport, container freight station, dry ports, sea ports, airports, shipping, airways, roadways, pipelines etc. These are known as the Infrastructure of Logistics. Information Technologies and Software are also an important part of Logistics Infrastructures.

Importance of Modern Logistics Infrastructures 

To make our logistics process and activities smooth and perfect, It is important that these infrastructures for logistics have to be developed and modern. We are living in the 4th Generation Industrial Revolution Era. So it is important to modernize the logistics infrastructure as per the demand of modern industrial needs and consumer behavior. To complete this the modernization of logistics infrastructure is really very important. 
It is an universal truth that if logistics is the backbone of Industries and Economy then Transport is also the backbone of Logistics. So to modernize logistics infrastructure, first we have to modernize its transport infrastructure. like rail, road, airways, shipping, inland waterways etc. Roads are the main connecting part of logistics & transport. In developed nations like USA, Europe, Japan, South Korea have better road connectives, roads are expressways and without any disturbing policies. 
It is important that roadways have to connect with IT software for better transport solutions for cargo and container movement. Better It and software commodities to the roadways will make transport fast and less admin activities with all the admin controls over transportation. Fast and smooth transportation is not only good for cargo or goods transport and logistics but it is also important for passenger transport or human logistics. 
Not only roadways but railways are also a very important part of modern logistics & transport. Fast and secure train services are highly important for movement of goods, cargo and humans also. These days railways are not working within the inner boundaries of a country but it also moves across the boundaries of nations and works globally with connecting many nations in a single train service. Many groups of nations and economical associations of countries are working for train connectives for public transport, cargo movements and export oriented railways services. Countries are not only working for train connectives but  they are also working on fast train connectives. It makes the export logistics process very cheap and fast.
Inland Waterways are a very important and cheap transport system for cargo, goods and public transport. inland waterways are cheaper than roadways. It also moves more cargo than roadways in bulk. India is now working in the development of inland waterways but in many developed nations the inland waterways system is highly developed and plays its vital role in transport and logistics.
Airways are not a very cheap mode of transport of goods and passengers but it saves time. Airways are very important for medicine, perishable products, fruits, vegetables, milk, other dairy products, costly and light items are generally transported by airways. Properly equipped modern airports and airways are providing proper transportation and handling of these goods and cargo.
Shipping is part of logistics, mainly international logistics and transport from ancient times. Ancient traders and exporters were doing overseas trade with shipping. But shipping gets modernized today and it's time for big container ships. container ships are designed to carry containers. Some ships are designed  to carry liquid containers which contain petroleum, chemicals and many other liquid items. Shipping is the main way to do overseas trade and export logistics. A developed modernized and equipped seaport is important to manage the container ship traffic and container traffic. Mechanized seaport and dry ports with a mechanized container freight station or container yard is important for smooth shipping. 
Warehousing is the most important part of logistics activities and modern warehousing plays an important role in the field of Logistics and its Network Design. Modern warehouse management software and Inventory process maintains a good and proper traffic in the warehouse which removes the waste from any logistics activities. connectivity of warehouses is also an important factor and other resources like electricity, water, security and reaching to market and production units are making any warehouse important for its objectives. 
Information Technologies and logistics software are making any logistics activities perfect, smooth and modern. It makes logistics control better and also provides tracking and information of goods at any point.

Scope of Modern Logistics Infrastructure

There are lots of scope of modern logistics infrastructure to develop it for smoothing and making perfect logistics activities. In the 4th generation of the industrial revolution, IT experts and software engineers are working to develop new software to help logistics activities. Today engineers are developing software which helps to smooth transport and logistics networks. Software engineers are working on the software for tracking and tracing the consignments at any point by all the related parties for that consignments. 
Many logistics professionals and engineers are working to develop and modernize the basic infrastructure like roads and rails. Expressways and bullet trains are a part of this modernization. Paperless Toll Naka is another step towards modern logistics infrastructures. Online Consignment Booking for train transport makes booking fast and minimizes the gathering at the booking counter.
Airports airways Companies are modernized with all the modern equipment and software to book any consignments from airways. 
Ports and ships are modernized with the latest equipment and  modern design. All export and import activities including custom clearance and quality control inspections are modernized and  trying to make it a paperless job with the help of modern software developed by software engineers.
Dry Ports are another concept to modernize the logistics infrastructure. Developing a modern dry port is another way to develop logistics infrastructure. Through dry port all the port activities are finished far from seaside and sea port. Dry Ports are developed with proper railroad corridors and always connected with seaports. A dry Port is a port far from the seaside.
Inland Waterways are improving gradually and becoming modern and important ways of transport. India and many other countries are establishing container terminals at their river bank. These container terminals are working as river ports and providing all the modern and important facilities to handle the container, loading unloading containers, consignment stuffing, and many other facilities. 
Warehouses are modernized and equipped with the latest equipment and inventory software. Freezers if necessary are installed and proper ventilation, electricity are required for a modern warehouse. To modernize the warehouse it is important to provide proper connectives with production and consuming units including maintaining traffic of warehousing. Development of software for consignments helping all the related parties to trace and track the consignments at any point of logistics activities. It helps to maintain a proper network design for logistics.
There are lots of scope for modernization of logistics infrastructures in the world and also in India. India is working very hard to modernize the logistics infrastructure and also helping many other nations to modernize their infrastructures. Every nation is trying to become a partner of global trade and always trying to modernize their logistics infrastructures. African nations like South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Zimbabwe etc. are also working hard to develop their logistics infrastructures and logistics software. South East Asian, South Asian, South American, Middle Eastern and Central Asian nations are also working to develop their infrastructures and India makes a powerful role to support their logistics infrastructure development.
As we know that development is a continuous process so every country of the world is always trying to modernize more and more to their logistics infrastructures. To provide perfect and better logistics services to others everywhere the logistics infrastructure modernization is always continuing.
So it is my request to all professionals that also modernize and improve your skills and try to develop logistics services and logistics infrastructures        



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