How Logistics And Supply Chain Are Backbone Of The Economy

As we know that the Industries, Financial Institutions, Service Sectors and Agriculture Sectors are taking a major role in the growing economy. But without a market these industries and sectors can not do anything. So a developed and large market is also highly important for any developed or developing economy. If we have a rich and large market with all the developed industries and sectors. But these all are not able to do any good performance without the help of Logistics & supply Chain. Logistics sectors connect all the industries and sectors to market and provide a good and smooth supply chain of product and service to the end customer.   Transport, warehousing, Shipping, Airways, pipeline, container, MTO, Freight Forwarders, Supply Chain, Logistics etc are smoothing the availability of commodities to the end consumer and also make availability of raw materials to the manufacturing industries. For agri sectors the logistics is not only helpful for agro products connecti

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