Ajit Kumar Mishra, CMILT, is the owner of Join Study website. Mr. Mishra is working as a consultant for education, career and analytical services in the field of logistics & supply chain. With this website he is working online across the world having students and clients globally. 

Mr. Mishra is a chartered supply chain analyst and dedicated himself for skill development of logistics & supply chain professionals. Mr. Mishra is an educational associate and faculty member of some management institutions and colleges.

Ajit Kumar Mishra, CMILT is the Lifetime Member of “The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport- India”. With his online classroom Mr. Mishra provides online skill development courses and training classes for professionals, corporate workers and students of logistics & supply chain industries.

As a logistics & supply chain expert Mr. Mishra provides freelance services to his local and global clients. Mr. Mishra provides supply chain analytical services, logistics intelligence services and other services which are important to remove waste from your logistics and supply chain firms. He also provides better ideas to his clients to establish any logistics or supply chain firms.

Mr. Mishra helps those students who are not able to avail costly training classes. His continued support to his students are helpful to start their career as logistics & supply chain professionals. Another great program supported by him is that his students have worked like a network of freelance logistics & supply chain professionals and doing all logistics activities which helps his students to become self employed or entrepreneurs.

"Ajit Kumar Mishra" (CMILT),

Chartered Member of “The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport- India”

MBA (Logistics)

Diploma in Logistics & MMT,

B.Sc.(Math Hon’s), B.C.A., 

Mr. Mishra has a wide range of professional and teaching experiences. He started his working career as an Executive in a logistics firm and reached the post of “Logistics Head” in a global logistics company.  In his 15 years of corporate working career he has worked 5 years as an executive and junior manager level. He has worked 10 years as Logistics Head and top level manager to the corporate. 

After 15 years of corporate job, Mr. Mishra decided to work as a Freelance Consultant of logistics & supply chain. He has also dedicated himself to teach professionals and newcomers in the field of logistics & supply chain. He has started a skill development training program for newcomers and professionals. 

His training program is doing well and trained a good number of students and professionals. Some of them are working in different companies and some of them are working as freelance professionals. They have created a network of independent logistics professionals and provide complete logistics solutions to their local and international clients also. Their mutual cooperation as logistics professionals to each other works like a complete logistics and supply chain network and support. Finally this network of independent professionals feels like a big company and makes a path of success for new comers in the field of logistics & supply chain. 

After the great success of his training program he is invited by some management institutions and colleges to share their knowledge and now Mr. Mishra is working as Faculty in top Management College.