Partial Shipments and Drawings


-----   Partial drawings and/o shipments are allowed , unless the credit stipulated otherwise .

-----  Shipments by sea , or by more then one mode of transport but including carriage by sea , made on the same vessel and for the same voyage , will not be regarded as partial shipments , even if the transport documents indicating loading on board bear different dates of issuance and/or  indicate different ports of loading on board .

-----   Shipment made by post will not be regarded as partial shipment if the post receipts or certificates of posting appear to have been stamped or otherwise authenticated in the place from which the credit stipulates the goods are to be dispatched , and on the same date .

-----   Shipments made by modes of transport other than those referred to in the above paragraph of this article will not be regarded as partial shipments , provided the transport documents are issued by one and the same carrier or his agent and indicate the same date of issuance , the same place of dispatch or taking in charge of the goods , and the same destination .

-----   If drawings and/or shipment by installments within given periods are stipulated in the credit and any installment  is not drawn and/or shipped with in the period allowed for that installment , credit ceases to be available for that and any subsequent installments , unless otherwise stipulated in the credit .