Regulation and Control of Multimodal Transport


-----   The UNCTAD shall not affect or be incompatible with the application of any international convention or national law relating to the regulation and control of transport operations .

-----   The UNCTAD  shall not affect the right of each state to regulate and control at the national law level multimodal transport operations and multimodal transport operators , including the right to take measure relating to consultations, especially before the introduction of new technologies and services between multimodal transport operators , shippers , shipper's organizations and appropriate national authorities on terms and conditions of service ; licensing of multimodal transport operators ; participation in transport and all other steps in the national economy and commercial interest .

-----   The multimodal transport operator shall comply with the applicable law of the country in which he operates and with tyhe provisions of this convention .

-----   This article is intended particularly to protect the interest of developing countries . The study carried out by the UNCTAD Secretariat had raised several issues which were the particular concern to developing countries and they , therefore felt the need for control and regulation of multimodal transport operations at the national level and a suitable provision in the convention spelling out the areas of such control and regulations .

-----   The developing countries were however , generally oppose to any such provision as they felt that all sovereign state had this inherent right and there was hardly any need for a separate provision in this regard in an international convention . The article  that was finally incorporated in the convention was a compromise between these two opposing views .