Contractual Stipulation

 Two container ships pass in San Francisco Bay

-----  Any stipulation in a contract of carriage by sea , in a bill or lading , or in any other document evidencing the contract of carriage by sea is null and void to the extent that it derogates , directly or indirectly , from the provisions of this convention . The nullity of such a stipulation does not affect the  validity of other provisions of the contract of document of which it forms a part . A clause assigning benefit of insurance of goods in favor of the carrier , or any similar clause , is null and void .

-----  Notwithstanding the provisions of  this , a carrier may increase his responsibilities and obligations under this Law .

-----  Where a bill of lading or any other documents evidencing the contract of carriage by sea is issued , it must contain a statement that the carriage is subject to the provisions of this .which nullify any stipulation derogating therefrom the detriment of the shipper of the consignee .

-----  Where the claimant in respect of the goods has incurred loss as a result of stipulation which is null and void by virtue of above , the carrier must pay compensation to the extent required in order to give the claimant compensation in accordance with the provisions of this rule for any loss of or damage to the goods  as well as for delay in delivery . The carrier must , in addition , pay compensation for  cost incurred by the purpose of exercising this right , provided that costs incurred in the action where the foregoing provisions i invoked are to determined in accordance with the law of the state where proceedings are instituted .