Document of Title

Multimodal Transport Document to be regarded as Document of Title 

1)  ---  Every consignee named in negotiable or non negotiable multimodal transport document and every endorsee of such document , as the case may be to whom the property in the goods mentioned therein shall pass up or by reason of such consignment or endorsement , shall have all the rights and liabilities of the consignor .

2)  ---  Nothing contained in (1) shall prejudice or affect the right of the multimodal transport operator to claim freight from the consignor or enforce any liability of the consignee or endorsee by reason of his being such consignee or endorsee .

But before to understand this we have to know clearly ;

Issue of Multimodal Transport Document 

-----   Where the consignor and multimodal transport operator have entered into a contract of the multimodal transportation and the multimoddal transport operator has taken charge of goods , he/she shall at the option of the consignor issue a negotiable or non-negotiable multimodal transport document .

-----   The multimodal transport document shall be signed by multimodal transport operator or by a person duly authorized by him .