International Co-ordination

 Tilted aerial view of modern airport. Aircraft are parked next to "arms" that extend from the central building

The very nature of multimodal transport required International Co-ordination at three levels .

-- With neighboring countries on cross border procedures and in infrastructure developments .

-- With trading partners on trade  , banking and insurance procedures .

-- With the International community on the development of worldwide standards in  such areas as :-

----------- documentation

----------- UN/EDIFACT rules

----------- Inco Terms

----------- Harmonize system for commodity classification .

Therefore there is room to compliment the activities of  the National Multimodal Transport Committee with regional initiatives . In particular there is a need ;

----- To monitor international efforts to standardize procedures , documentation , definitions , classifications etc . pertaining to international trade and transport to formulate a regional position and or represent member countries' interests at such fora .

----- To insure region wide standards for documentation , tariff structures , etc.

There is growing awareness that multimodalism and EDI require a co-ordinates approach involving all sector concerned like trade, transport , finance etc . and regional co-ordination on standard documentation and procedures is desirable .