Marine Insurance


We already know that the marine insurance is cover both for hull(ship) as well as for cargo .For "hull" the institute has standardize Institute Time Clause ,  Institute Voyage Clauses and for combined voyage and time policies . For fulfilling the requirements of cargo of general nature the Institute has standardize the given Clauses .

1)     Institute Cargo Clauses ( Free from particular Average )

2)     Institute Cargo Clauses ( Warehouse to Warehouse )

3)     Institute Cargo Clause ( All risks )

Beside this there may be a number of commodities and food stuffs which require special clauses to provide for the particular risks of the subject matter insured depending upon the nature of cargo . In consultation with the trade associations the Institute of London Underwriters has standardize these clauses too .  These are :-

1)     Institute Coal Clauses

2)     Institute Bulk  Oil Clauses

3)     Institute Jute Clauses

4)     Institute Frozen Food Clauses

5)     Institute Natural Rubber Clauses

6)     Institute Container Clauses

7)     Institute Commodity Trade Clauses .


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