Institutional Changes


Since , Multimodal Transport is not very old concept different from the traditional concept o Segment Transport . It involves various institutional changes which are intended to smoothen through transport operations with the minimum of delay .

--  For example when cargo moves multimodally through a port , the port's functions become  limited mainly to transit operations and consequently , the port operation will require re-organizations to some extent to meet the requirements of expeditious delivery to inland transport , such as Road , Rail or Inland waterways and Airways .

--  The Customs procedure will need to be modified so that customs examination of goods is carried out not at the port but at the inland centers like ICD or CFS etc .  Where goods are taken in charge by the MTO from  the consignor or delevered by the MTO to the consignee .

--  Documentation and information system will need be improved to cope with the large number of unit passing through and the increased communications required with customers and receivers to ensure smooth operations .

--  Since several administrative agencies and commercial interests are involved in the new procedures and practices connected with Multimodal Transport .

--  It would be advisable to create one agency which will be primarily responsible for  co-ordinating the work of the various sectors and interests .