Infrastructure for MTOs


The need for upgrading transport infrastructure and adapting it to meet the requirements of multimodal transport is governed by National Transport Policies which should ensure optimum use of existing infrastructure and optimum investment in new infrastructure .It would be advisable fo policy makers to examine every thing ;

-----   rationality of investment decisions ;  investment decision should be based on cost benefits analysis not only in respect of new investments but also in respect of investments for upgrading existing infrastructure .

-----   relationship of costs to the charges payable by users ;  To the extent possible , the charge payable by users should reflect the actual cost of infrastructure including interest on capital invested and cost of maintenance and repairs .

-----   level and structure of tariffs ;  This should take into account the peculiarities of the transport mode concerned and should be so designed as to direct traffic  ( primarily container traffic ) to a mode which has the required capacity available or which can be easily adopted to meet the requirements .

-----   regulatory system ;  regulation which is particularly important for container traffic with regard to traffic restrictions and weight limitations .

-----   Institutional frame ;  work which is necessary for a coherent well co-ordinated  transport policy , the implementation of which could be entrusted to the national co-ordination authority proposed earlier .