Regional Co-operation


Regional Co-operation in Multimodal Transport Organization :-

Regional Co-operation among developing countries is useful in several respects for promoting multimodal transport organizations -

1)   It will lead to harmonization of Government Policies and co-ordination of transport undertaking resulting in reduction of investment burden on each country .

2)   It will enable indigenous multimodal transport operators to increase their participation in the trades and improve the economics of operation by pooling of resources .

3)   Shippers organizations will be able to strengthen their position when they hold consultation with multimodal transport operators .

4)   Land locked developing countries serving as overload transit routes will be able to conclude transit agreements through their co-operation .

5)   Harmonization of regional customs regulations will facilitate the smooth flow of transport across borders , particularly of multimodal transport .

6)   Co-operation and consultation among port authorities and their concern Govt. agencies can prevent wasteful competition among ports in the region and bring about co-ordinated development of ports .

7)   Regional Co-operation among developing countries could useful lead to the establishment of -

----------Regional organizations of multimodal transport operators .

----------Regional associations of  parties involved in multimodal transport .

Concerted action through such organizations could help in the countries of the region become parties of the Hemburg Rules and the M. T. Convention and also in bringing about harmonization of national laws relating to multimodal transport .