Import Procedures


Containers carrying import cargo are received at the ICD by ail from the gateway ports . Whenever there is a CFS which is not linked by rail , the containers first arrive a the rail head and are  then taken by road to the CFS where they can be destuffed . This happens at ICD where containers are taken by road to the CFS .

At the port of entry the Shipping Line presents the Import General Manifest to the Custom authorities . The Customs authorities at the port after checking send the originals of the import general manifest & transhipment permits to the concerned ICD/CFS . The port railway authorities also issue the Inland Waybill for the container railed to the ICD's .

On the arrival of the rail flats at the ICD the containers are offloaded & placed in the import container yard .The Inland Waybill issued by the Port Authorities are consigned to Customs of the ICD where the containers are offloaded .

The Inland waybill released by the Customs is surrendered by the Shipping line in original while effecting book delivery .

The importer or his authorized Customs Handling Agent then files the following documents

1)     Bill of Entry prepared by five copies .

2)     Invoice in two copies

3)     Packing list in two copies

4)     The Bill of Lading is filed in original and attested by importers bankers and verified by customs & is retained by them .

5)     Certificate of origins in original form

6) Import license along-with other relevant documents  . which is ;

                a)  Freight Certificate
                b)  Literature / Technical write up on imported materials
                c)  Insurance Certificate