Documents For Export And Custom Clearence

Before the actual shipment of products takes place an exporter has to be finish the custom clearance process of shipment. Custom clearance certificate can be obtained by submitting the required documents to the custom authorities. After full satisfaction the authorities allow exporters to export the shipment. To see the complete list of documents for custom clearance it is important to read my previous article of this blog.

After obtaining the custom clearance certificate export process will be initiated. for export preces many other documents are required including Basic Documents and Custom Clearance Documents. Some other documents are important for export process and these documents are known as Export Documents. These can be generally grouped in Commercial Documents and Regulatory Documents. The commercial Documents help effective and smood physical transfer of goods from exporter to importer/buyer. On other hand Regulatory Documents smoothing the process prescribes by different government department and bodies. It requires to compete various rules and regulations under relevant laws governing export trade.

The exporter is required to send the following documents to the importer/buyer.

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Bill of Lading/Shipping Bill
  • Multimodal Transport Document
  • Certificate of Inspection or Quality Control
  • Insurance Policy Certificate and Insurance Declaration
  • Certificate of Origin and Application for Certficate of Origin
  • Shipping Advice and Bill of Exchange
Certificate of Inspection or quality Control is only necessary if required for export the commodities. These documents are known as Principle Export Documents.

Other Export Documents are Auxiliary Documents listed below.
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Shipping Instructions
  • Intimation of Inspection
  • Shipping Order
  • Mate Receipt
  • Letter to the Bank for Collection/Negotiation of Documents.
some other regulatory documents are important for pre-shipment of any export. These regulatory documents are known as Pre-shipment Regulatory Documents. These documents are listed below.
  • Gate Pass 1 & 2
  • GST Clearance Form
  • Shipping Bill or Bill of Export
  • Export Application/Dock Challan (By Port Trust or Port Trust copy of Shipping Bill)
  • Receipt for Payment of Port Charges
  • Vehicle Ticket
  • Exchange Control Declaration- Prescribed by National Central Authorized Bank ( For Indian Condition RBI GR/PP form.
  • freight Payment Certficate
  • Insurance Premium Payment Certificate 
It is important to understand the details of some very important documents for Export Process.
  1. Proforma Invoice:- This documents is like an any other export invoice containing details of products to be supplied,  quality of product, value of product, freight and insurance of shipment and product, mode of payments, handling, packaging and other charges and details.
  2. GR Form:- Goods receipt form is prescribed in duplicate. The original copy is retained by the customs authorities to be submit to the RBI (as per Indian system). The second copy is returned to the exporter to submit it to the negotiating bank along with other documents at the time of shipment of commodities.
  3. Letter of Credit:- Letter of credit is a document which contains a legal promise by an importer/buyer through his bank to the exporter.
  4. Shipping Bill:- Shipping bill is document which contains the shipping details of export i.e. Name of Ship Agents, Port of Origin, Port of Destination, Shipping Line, Exporter's Name and Address, Quantity of Products etc.
  5. Bill of Lading:- this documents says that the product mentioned is the document is placed on board. This document also undertakes that the goods may be delivered to the consignee in the same condition of the goods provided the freight charge have been paid.
  6. Letter of Hypothecation:- It is a document signed by the goods or property owner through which he conveys the bank, the full ownership of goods or property at the port of destination. against which he has payed avance by loan or by negotiation of Bill of Exchange.


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