Basic Documents For Export Procedures

In the previous post of Documentation for Export Procedures, we will discuss and lists all types of documents which are necessary for export procedures. Now in this post we will discuss in detail about the basic documents which are important for any export procedure. Also we will discuss in details about all types of listed important documents in my previous post of documentation for export procedures.

The basic documents to be taken for export procedures are:-

1)Import- Export Code Number:-    Every importer or exporter, whether he/she is an individual, firm or company has requires an import- export code number. Which is generally allotted by regional licencing authorities. This code number is associated with various export- import documents submitted to authorities for purpose of export.

2)Membership / Registration:-   All exporter shall get registered or member of certain organizations like, Chamber of Commerce, Export Promotion Council, Productive Council, Trade Promotion Council, etc. These organizations provide identity and  also provide certain assistance and service to it's member  in export business. The organization helps the exporters  to get certificate of origin of commodities. This certificate of origin is demanded by big economy countries while importing goods from other countries. 

3)Proforma Invoice:-   Every importer needs to be taken seriously by exporter. Exporter has to provide adequate information to importer in clear and price manner. If any inquiry asked by importer regarding the potential of exporter should be promptly attended. Exporter has to send the samples as per the government regulations.

While negotiations between exporter and importer begins, the exporter has to make an offer , which is a proposal submitted by exporter in the form of letters, quotations and other relevant information. When this offers and quotations are accepted by importers, then it becomes an order. 

After confirmation of order, the Proforma Invoice has to be sent in advance to the importer/buyer before the shipment is ready.  Proforma Invoice includes the details of products, Its quality, value freight, insurance, handling and other charges, mode of payments, etc. Mainly importers/ buyers verifies the Letter of Credit on the basis of Proforma Invoice.

4)Confirmation of  Order:-   After the completion of  negotiation the proforma invoice has to be sent to the importer/buyer.  The proforma invoice has to be sent in three copy and asked the importer to return the two of them duly signed and stamped by importer/buyer. The exporter has to return the one copy to importer duly signed by him/her. It makes the confirmation and acceptance of order. The exporter may insist on documentary letter of credit , so that importers commitment is completed. This contract has to be carry details of goods, quality of goods, quantity, price, terms of payment, shipment date, freight, insurance, handling and other charges etc. 


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