Exim Bank And Its Functions

The Export- Import Bank is publicly known as Exim Bank. The Export- Import Bank of India was setup in 1982 for financing, facilitation and promoting India's foreign trade. It coordinates the working of other institutions engaged in the financing of export and import of goods and services. The Exim bank has taken over the import loans and guarantee portfolios of Industrial development Bank of India.

Following functions are performed by Exim Bank:-

  • Financing the export and import of goods and services.
  • Financing the joint venture in foreign countries.
  • Financing the lease basis import and export of heavy machinery.
  • Supporting the Indian parties of joint venture in foreign countries.
  • In not only financing but providing technical and administrative assistance to parties in connection with export or import.
  • It also undertakes underwriting of stocks, shares, bonds, debentures etc. of companies engaged in export or/and import.  
Some important program operating by Exim bank of India:-
  • Overseas Investment Financing
  • Overseas Buyers Credit
  • Local financial Assistance to Export
  • Pre-shipment Credit
  • Lines of Credit
  • Refinance of Export Credit
  • Relending Facility and many more.

The Exim Bank has formed various functional groups to help the Indian Exports.

These are 
  • Project Finance Group
  • Trade Finance Group
  • Overseas Investment Finance Group and and any more.