Deciding Factors For Establishment Of Container Terminal

At the planning stage to establish any container terminal, some basic mistakes are made by the senior management and port planners in some cases. Most of the time mistakes are made because they relied on their previous operational experiences. Port planners are always thinking about the present scenario of business and trade. They always want to fulfil the needs of present trade.
But it is important before establishing any container terminal that port planner or container terminal planner has to project the trade and trade related activities for coming 50 years and more. 
So to decide this long future years planning for the container terminal we have to think about many factors and key factors.
As per experts of container terminals and trade these are some factors which support the better planning for establishment of a container terminal.

These key factors are as follows:-
  1. Area factors
  2. Availability of updated handling equipments
  3. Traffic forecasting
  4. Hinterland changes 
  5. Technical changes
  6. Adoption of latest rules and regulations
Area factors:- Due to underestimation of land area required, soon the port will suffer from congestion. This congestion will improve day by day and finally hamper the trade and traffic of that port. It will also hamper the future trade and economy of the nation. So to decide the land area required the first planner has to determine the expected demand for present and also for future. After this they have to calculate the land required to meet the demand and als calculate the land area for future expansion and development of container terminals.

Availability of updated handling equipment:- The type and number of handling equipment has to be chosen on the basis of projected traffic. Traffic projection means not only present time traffic projection but for future also. The proper availability of equipment upgradation is highly important to decide the handling equipment procurement.

 Traffic Forecasting:- Another important factor. There are several principles adopted to forecast container terminal traffic. To know about the forecasting process of container terminal traffic visits my previous posts on Traffic Flows  and Traffic Forecasting.

Hinterland Changes:- Discussion about the possible development of local and nearby areas is also important. The following factors are important to discuss.
  • Population growth
  • Regional development plans
  • Land transport developments
  • Coastal shipping and inland waterways developments
  • Possibilities of reallocation or diversion of traffic from or to the neighbouring ports.
  • SEZ area
  • Local market
  • Skilled labour availability
Technical Changes:- Planners have to go deep into technical changes and ways to handle business, trade and associated activities. Before deciding anything always keep in mind about the generation of industrial development. Software and IT are the important parts of present day's trade.

Adoption of latest rules and regulations:- Always familiar with changes. Planner has to make the rules and regulation to administer the container terminal flexible. It has to always be ready to adopt new changes in rules and regulation. It will improve ease of doing business and economy also.

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  1. A lot of factors are required in determining container terminal. These factors must take into consideration the laws or rules and regulations from land and survey ,town planning . Thanks to sir Ajit Mishra for the brilliant points. The Douala sea port is already facing traffic congestion that requires expansion .

    1. Yes, I know that Douala sea port facing heavy traffic congestion. But a quick solution is reallocation or diversion of traffic from or to the neighbouring ports. But it is important to know the availability and easy traffic communication to and from neighbouring port.

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