Handling of Export Cargo From India by Air

It is really important for every exporters and air freight forwarders ti manage proper handling of air cargo exported from India. Followings are the important things which have to keep in mind when you are using airways to export from India.

Lufthansa Cargo Plane is just waiting to fill up the cargo

  • Submission of export documents with customs fro procession. One copy of GR1 form along with a copy each of other documents are detached and kept by the customs. 
  • Documents are properly entered in the computer.
  • Check-list which has to be obtained from system after verifying the adequacy of the documents and the shipping bill numbers obtained.
  • Goods has to be taken into The Airport Authority of India terminal for examination, then obtained Export Order from the customs.
  • After this location will be allotted and the goods has to be handed over to the Airport Authority of India.
  • It is important that documents are handed over the shipper.
  • The export promotion copy of the shipping bill has to be obtained from customs and sent it to the shipper within a week of the date of shipment.

These are the process which has to be followed by every exporter or air freight agents for exporting goods from India by airways. 


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