Reservation having a bearing on MT


Followings are Reservation having a bearing on MT :- 

a)   -----  Imports not to be discriminated on the basis of the origin .

b)   -----  Unloading of goods at a place other then the one approved .

c)   -----  Allowing of outright exportation from the premises of commercial undertakings .

d)   -----  Single goods deceleration to cover exports over a period of time .

e)   -----  Evidence of country of origin to be required only in case of fraud  - Declaration instead of certificate .

f)   -----  Transhipment not to be refused on the basis of origin .

g)   -----  Any person having the right to dispose of the goods to be permitted to declare for transhipment (as against carriers at present) .

h)   -----  Transhipment to be allowed on the basis of  commercial/transport document (now : Bill of Transhipment) .