Berth Occupancy

 Two container ships pass in San Francisco Bay

Berth Occupancy is an important factor which requires a detail study . Specialized berths can achieve handling rates 5 to 10 times more then conventional berths . container ships are much expensive then general Cargo Vessel . So the number of berths should be chosen so that the waiting time is kept to a minimum. Also, the forecasting of number of calls in a stipulated time period is important before finalizing the no. of berths .This should be calculated on the basis of average productivity of the terminal . In the planning procedure which will discuss below , the basic economic effect of waiting time will be main factor  in the investment decision , but there will in addition be the need of consider other criteria .

The following criteria gives the guidelines to the planning of container berths .

a)  ---  Whether the resulting berth occupancy will give a balance between the vessel waiting for berths and berths waiting for vessel .

b)  ---  Whether the average ship  turn-around time will satisfy the normal user , irrespective to what the implies with regards to berth utilization .

c)  ---  Whether there is sufficient peak capacity to give a satisfactory individual service to exceptional , more demanding, user  and to misuse generally against congestion during periods of exponential traffic .