Stowage and Restrain


 How to Restrain certain types of Cargo :-

Top heavy articles should be wedged , shored and lashed to prevent topping .

Heavy weight should be secured to stout ring - bolts (sited in the container floor and side walls ) and be shored with timber . They should be chained or wired with bottle screws .

Resilient loads can caused lashings to slacken  - this may sometimes be overcome by introducing elasticity may be rubber rope into lashing pattern .

No securing of pallets is necessary  if the distance between pallets and container wall is 4'' (100mm) or less . Pallets must not be allowed any longitudinal movement . If it is necessary to secure them , stow the pallets against the container walls and wadge wood block between the pallets . It may be necessary to insert sheets of board between the pallet loads to protect them against chafing and prevent bags , cartons  , etc . interweaving and jamming the stowage .

Stowage Precautions :- 

In the majority of cases , there is space left between the face of the cargo and container doors . It is important that the cargo does not collapse into th space . It can be prevented in a variety of ways , such as :

1)  Using suitable positioned lashing points with wire , rope , strapping , etc. woven across .

2)  Inserting a simple wooden gate for the wider gaps and heaver cargo .

3) Providing filler peaces for narrower gaps and lighter cargoes like cartoons of biscuits .