Liability of Freight Forwarder

It is very important to know about the liabilities of the freight forwarder . It is necessary for Logistics Professionals and also for the Trades .

Followings are the important liabilities of freight forwarder :-

a)   The forwarder is liable only for his own faults attributable to himself or his employees .

b)   Th forwarder shall not b liable for act or omissions of third party such as re-forwarder , carrier  etc. provided that he has shown due diligence in the choice of such third parties . It can be proved that he has not done so , his liabilities shall not exceed that of any third party held liable , whom he has contracted with .

c)   The forwarder shall not be liable to the customer for consequential loss or loss of market howsover caused .

d)   The liability of the forwarder for loss of or damage will be fixed , as per the contract with consignor or consignee . Actually this part is an understanding between the parties and the freight forwarder and also covering the Internationale or  National rule .

e)   The forwarder may arrange / provide transport for customer and in such event the forwarder shall not be held responsible as a carrier or assume the liability of a carrier .

f)   In the event of the liability of the forwarder being sought to be varied , the variation shall only be effected by a written document signed by the forwarder .