The Growing Importance Of Dry Ports.

The growing importance of dry ports (Inland Intermodal Terminals) in the economic transformation of landlocked nations as well as port countries is widely acknowledge. Dry ports are now becoming the hub of transshipment to inland destinations thereby promoting inter-regional trade and business. More importantly, dry ports are fast becoming the gateway to international markets in facilitating trade, economic growth and development.
In my previous post I have discuss about details of Dry Port (ICD). Hope you will understand properly. Now in this post here is some question for you to solve and check your knowledge. If you have any question then sure ask it on the comment box of this post.


  1. The movement of ceaseless development in the general climate of world exchange and innovation, has made reasoning for building more compartment boats of bigger limit, improvement of payload taking care of activity in quest for more noteworthy effectiveness, reorient the showcasing of port administrations for vital situating inside serious flexibly chains and redesigning of multi-purpose network inside the hinterland of the economy to address developing difficulties.

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