Multimodal Transport and Documentary Credit


-----   Science transport is an integral part of global trade , the documents issued by the Carrier while taking charge of the goods in a crucial document. The other documents include commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of origin, certificate of inspection etc.

-----   The Transport Document will depend on the mode of transport like sea, air , land and the agency issuing the document . The most commonly used Transport Document is called Bill of Lading with an endorsement "shipped on Board" signifying that the goods have been physically placed on board on the ship. In the case of Air Transport , the document is called Airway Bill issued by airlines or their authorized agents.

-----   Multimodal Transport implies transport by  two or more then two modes under a single document issued by MTO . This document has involved in response to advances in transport technology through containerization and emergence of non-vessel owning operators. Such operators have evolved their own document called CTD (combined transport document). Which is now widely accepted in developed countries.The person issuing the CTD takes responsibility as a principal of the safe conduct of transport of goods over different mode of transport from the place of receipt of goods to the place of delivery .

Sometimes instead of CTD, a through Bill of Lading may be issued by a shipping line covering the entire transport including transhipment at an intermediate port to another vessel . A CTD can be issued by any person acting on as an MTO . Who could be Shipping Lines, Freight Forwarder, Common Carriers, Terminal Operators or purely Commercial Enterprises .


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