Shipper's Declaration for Transport of Dangerous Goods


Shipper's declaration for Transport of Dangerous Goods ,in short known as SDT will be filled & signed by the shipper and handed over to Freight Forwarder/Carrier along with forwarding instructions , wherever the transport of dangerous goods is involved . This document provides detailed information , including information  regarding the classification of dangerous goods according to thee regulations concerning the transport of such goods .

The documents contains the following information : -

a)   Shipper's Name an Address ;

b)   Name of Forwarder ;

c)   Mark the numbers , numbers and kinds of packages - technical name of substance .

d)   Gross and Net Weight and quantity ;

e)   Classification or characteristics ;

f)   Remarks ;

g)   Place and date of issue ;

h)   Shipper's stamp and signature ;

The above document is prescribed by FIATA ( International Federation of Fright Forwarders Associations )

However , in the case of shipment by Air the declaration has to be in the format as per prescribed by Airlines .

This declaration by shipper enables the carrier to provide special stowage . This also gives information to the Captain of  Vessel or Aircraft  as to the Nature of Dangerous Goods he is carrying and helps him to take all precautions during the journey thus ensuring safety of the carrier , crew and the passengers .