Carrier's Responsibilities

The Carrier's right , duties , responsibilities and  liabilities for carriage of such goods are governed and determined by applicable National Laws of such country in addition to various international conventions and regulations as amended from time to time , which are as follows .

A) For Carriage by Road :-

CMR Convention ( Convention de Merchandises Per Route )

B) For Carriage by Rail :-

1) CIM Convention  ( Convention Internationale Concernant le Transport des Merchandises Per Chemius de Fer ) This convention has , however renamed as essentially a European Convention .
2) COTIF (Latest Convention on Rail Transport )
3) The Economic Commission of Europe (ECE) Convention on Civil Liabilities for damage caused by Road , Rail and Inland Waterways , applies for claims ( other than claims arising out of any contract of carriage ) for damage caused during the carriage of dangerous goods by road , rail and inland waterways .

C)  For carriage by Sea :-

The Hague Rules , The Hague Visby Rules and The Hamburg Rules 1978 .

D)  For The Carriage by Air :-

The Warsaw Convention , 1929 as amended from time to time .

Classification of Dangerous Goods by Air :-

Dangerous Goods are divided into 9 classes and have been arranged for convenience by the type of hazard involved . They are :

a)      Explosives
b)     Non Flammable Compressed Gas & Flammable Compressed Gas .
c)     Flammable Liquids
d)     Flammable Solids
e)     Oxidizers/ Organic Peroxides
f)     Poisonous Toxic
g)     Radioactive Materials
h)     Corrosive Material
i)      Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods .