Effact of Port Linkages For Planning A Dry Port (ICD)

While the Porty or Ports of entry and exit may not have a direct bearing on the location and size or even the basic facilities and functions of the dry port , the structural and institutional linkage with one or more ports may have a direct bearing on the marketing of the dry port services and in turn on the future traffic flows through the dry port . The grater the number of port linked to the dry port , the larger would be the likely volumes of traffic ordered . To some extent the cargo for various ports needs to be segregated and in the case of Rail Transport , directional train formation needs to be organized . These aspects may have some bearing on the micro level designing of the layout facilities .

Something up , a dry port can be planned on the basis of trade volumes , traffic flows , transport linkages and locational advantages . For trade forecasting both inclusive methods can be used . The intuitive method is based on trend analysis and experiences of the forecaster combined with extensive interviews  with  parties involved in trade . The scientific methods most commonly used are , regression models , trend extrapolation and leading indicator methods . When there is a coverage - over from one technology to another , It is a fact that change will start slowly , then pick up speed and finally get down slowly . Whenever a rout has been covered by containerized transport , A slow growth has always been followed by a very fast rise almost an explosion in volume .

 The characteristics must be taken into account a planning a dry port  , the facilities become too inadequate too soon . The most important and vital factor always  remains the satisfaction of the demand of the trading community both in terms of quality and quantity . If all the requirements are met , the traffic will materialize and grow very fast . If the facilities are not adequate , do not cater to all the needs importers and exporters , facilities are still fragmented so that clearances , transportation . Aggregation/segregation and storage are not at on place growth will be slow , The expected advantages will not materialize and they may be feeling of disenchantment and an anticlimax .