From 2013: Be Prepare for Long - Term Recession .

Our Finite world Posted in January 2013  "2013: Beginning of Long- Term Recession"  .

We have been hearing a lot about escaping the fiscal cliff, but our problem isn’t solved. The fixes to date have been partial and temporary. There are many painful decisions ahead. Based on what I can see, the most likely outcome is that the US economy will enter a severe recession by the end of 2013.

My expectation is that credit markets are likely see increased defaults, as workers find their wages squeezed by higher Social Security taxes, and as government programs are cut back. Credit is likely to decrease in availability and become higher-priced. It is quite possible that credit problems will adversely affect the international trade system. Stock markets will tend to perform poorly. The Federal Reserve will try to intervene in credit markets, but if the US government is one of the defaulters (at least temporarily), it may not be able to completely fix the situation.

Less credit will tend to hold down prices of goods and services. Fewer people will be working, though, so even at reduced prices, many people will find discretionary items such as larger homes, new cars, and restaurant meals to be unaffordable. Thus, once the recession is in force, car sales are likely to drop, and prices of resale homes will again decline.

Oil prices may temporarily drop. This price decrease, together with a drop in credit availability, is likely to lead to a reduction in drilling in high-priced locations, such as US oil shale (tight oil) plays.
Other energy sources are also likely to be affected. Demand for electricity is likely to drop. Renewable energy investment is likely to decline because of less electricity demand and less credit availability. By 2014 and 2015, less government funding may also play a role.
This recession is likely be very long term. In fact, based on my view of the reasons for the recession, it may never be possible to exit from it completely.

Yes Today we can say that these words are really very true and we are facing that type of recession . If our governments  and many Economical and Monetary Societies are not working correctly , then sure our world fell in Long Term Recession  .

This Long- Term Recession effects every parts of our life and some nation of this world may be collapse Economically and then after Politically also  .  many banks will be collapse in these time and poverty will increase . Nation like India , China , Brazil , South Africa , Mexico may lost there Economic Growth due to very high Budget Deficit Country like USA , UK , and Develop Economics will may collapse.

You can say that this Long- Term Recession will bring war or cold war between Nations of this world for Accelerate Economical Growth .

It is my advise to all economist please save the economy and save the people . if economists are unable to do this , It means this Long- Term Recession has been bought by economist only but facing by the people of world . We are facing the problem which is created by economist by their wrong decision .