Restrain the Cargo


It is always necessary to restrain the cargo for one or more of the following reasons :-

-----  To prevent collapse the stow while packing , unpacking or during transit

-----  To stop any movement during transit of pat loads or of single heavy items  , the heavier the item the more damage it will do if allowed to move .

-----  To prevent the face of the stow collapsing and learning against the container doors to fall out when the doors are opened at the final destination or for customs inspection .

Methods of Securing Cargo :-

The more common methods of securing cargo are ;

Shoring  :-     bars , struts and spars located in the cargo  voids to keep the cargo press against the walls or other cargo .

Lashing  :-     ropes , wires , chains , strapping or netting secure to proper anchoring points and tensioned against the cargo .

Wedging :-    Wooden distance pieces , pads of synthetic materials , inflatable dunnage to fill voids in the cargo and keep in immobile against the container walls .

Locking  :-    Cargo built up to give a three dimensional brick well effect  .